Mood: Calm

God, has it really been 3 months since I last looked at this? Dang, I really fell off of updating and messing around with code. Currently trying to follow along this series of lessons on HTML since I really only have a smattering of scattered knowledge and would probably benefit from learning how to actually code this dang website, lol.

Maybe I should start setting a schedule for myself to dedicate to coding, lol.


Mood: Nostalgic

So I recently got a real cheap chromebook so I could browse around on the couch without having a 6 pound laptop hurting my legs. Anyway, the sound quality isn't the best, but I realized--while I was looking around for old anime songs--that it sounds exactly like my old 2000s computer speakers, which really just adds to the experience imo. Lol. Anyway, I know I could use my phone for better sound quality but it feels so nostalgic to have this music coming out of speakers like these that I'm actually quite charmed by my chromebook, ahaha.


Mood: Satisfied

Had to pause coding for a bit, but now that I'm free to code I got myself a nifty little setup! Also got some great inspiration the other day to put together a page of some nostalgic anime songs. I've been thinking that maybe I should put together a page on some songs in general that make me nostalgic, still anime-adjacent, but not strictly limited to theme songs. I also kinda want to edit the pictures on this specific page to be something more cohesive to my overall theme. I'll leave it for now.

Either way, I still have a lot to do when it comes to customizing this site! I've got a lot of ideas, but unfortunately not a whole lot of free time anymore. Either way, can't wait!