Welcome to my Code Geass Shrine!

I've been rewatching Code Geass lately, and it's been giving me some goddamn brainrot that I needed to express. So I thought, why not express it through a web shrine? You can trawl through the Code Geass fandom wiki through this link.

Anyway, I'm not too sure just how exactly I got started watching it, or even remember my initial thoughts while watching it. All I know is that my best friend in middle school said I should watch it, so I did. I didn't entirely "get" it when I was watching (given that I was 12, that tracks) but I do remember being a little confused by the ending, haha. I think the friend who introduced me to it was more into it than I was at the time, but joke's on me now, since it's been on my mind a lot lately while rewatching. Sooo many wild things went over my head 'cause I was a bit too young to properly understand.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Code Geass is a show that posits: what if some elements of world history were altered, so that America became the Holy Britannian Empire, one of the three major superpowers fighting for control of the world? And what if Japan was colonized by Brittania, with the use of their new mecha robots, aka the Knightmare Frames? That pretty much sets up the setting for our protagonist, Lelouch vi Brittania (operating under the assumed name, Lelouch Lamperouge) and his sister Nunnally, who are one of the royal heirs of Britannia, thought to be dead after they were given as political hostages to Japan before its colonization. Lelouch, absolutely disgusted with Britannia and his father, has vowed to destroy his father's empire and create a new world that is gentler for his delicate sister.

One day, Lelouch stumbles upon a mysterious woman named C.C. (pronounced C2), who grants him a Geass, the power of the kings, that allows him to command someone to do whatever he wants with a little eye contact (granted, he can only issue one absolute command to them. Trying to command them again does nothing). With this power, he kickstarts his plans to revolutionize the world.

Of course, a lot more happens than that, but basically, this is a mecha anime with political manuevering and a lot of war crimes. Like, I didn't realize just how many Geneva Conventions were being violated, war crimes, ahaha. Though, I do wonder, in this alternate world--do they even have a Geneva??

Anyway, during my second rewatch of this, I fell hard into the Suzalulu ship. There's just something about two absolutely deranged people, who are both perfect for each other yet also mutually destructive for each other, that absolutely tickles me pink. Dunno. I guess I just like the drama, LOL. I'd rather read about an interesting, absolutely unhealthy relationship, than be forced to slog through a boring, healthy relationship.

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